Campus Initiatives

Research forums, awareness-raising initiatives, leadership training—participate in initiatives that build your understanding of the impact of sexual violence and teach you to support those who have experienced it.  

At the Root

At the Root engages the MacEwan community in critical thinking and dialogue about contemporary social issues and inspires social change by providing opportunities for learning, skill-sharing and community-building. This diverse programming, led by MacEwan community members, is scheduled throughout the fall and winter terms.

Ending Sexual Violence Student Research Forum

The Annual Student Research Forum and Award recognizes the outstanding student research and creative work being done on this issue across campus. If you have written a paper, project or creative work on the topic of sexual violence for any of your courses at MacEwan University, we invite you to apply for the award and present your work. A call for applications is issued each year, usually in the Winter term.

Ending Sexual Violence Student Research Forum

MacEwan Anti-Violence Education Network (MAVEN)

MacEwan Anti-Violence Education Network (MAVEN) is a team of MacEwan students who have completed 48 hours of training on the topic of sexual violence prevention and workshop facilitation. MAVEN Peer Educators are available to deliver class-length (either 50-minute or 80-minute workshops) on the topic of sexual violence and consent from late October until April.

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Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Committee (SVPEC)

SVPEC is a steering committee comprised of University administrators, faculty, staff and students. The committee builds, implements and maintains a coordinated and cohesive approach to sexual violence education, awareness and prevention in order to effectively address sexual violence at the University.

University Students Offering Leadership on Violence Elimination (U-SOLVE)

U-SOLVE serves as an advisory resource and consulting entity for matters pertaining to sexual violence, gender, gender-based violence and gender equality at MacEwan University.

U-SOLVE aims to bring together multiple voices, experiences, and perspectives, and recognizes that contributions and voices of individuals who identify as members of marginalized or oppressed communities must be centered in order to meaningfully address sexual violence. As sexual violence is rooted in intersecting systems of power and oppression, including colonialism, racism, Islamophobia, heterosexism, ableism, cissexism, classism, and misogyny, we strive to actively challenge these systems.

Watch for our annual call for members each winter to get involved in this committee.

2018/19 membership:

Amanda Nelund, Assistant Professor of Sociology (Chair)

Lindsay Adams, Student

Lily Dane, Library Technician

Kelsey Friesen, Student

Harry Linden, Residence Life Coordinator

Carly MacArthur, Student Wellness Case Manager, Student Affairs

Danika McDonald, MacEwan International

Victoria Osei-Bonsu, Student

Louise Owen, Student

Roxanne Runyon, Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Coordinator

Tansy-Lynn Spyker-Noonan, VP Student Life, Students' Association of MacEwan University

Adam Trimmer, Student


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The Office of Sexual Violence Prevention, Education and Response and University Students Offering Leadership on Violence Elimination (U-SOLVE) host an outreach booth (staffed or unstaffed) for events on campus that features information, handouts, resources and swag. To include a booth at your event, contact the Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Coordinator.

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