Sexual Violence Awareness Week

Consent. Respect. Support. Sex-Positivity. Empathy. Courage.

These values are central to Sexual Violence Awareness Week 2020, an annual event that promotes awareness of and discussion about sexual violence. This year's events take place online.

Attend the online panel

Join us for a dynamic panel discussion about the challenges and opportunities for addressing sexual violence in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Follow our video series

Check out the Voicing our Values: Ending Sexual Violence video series, featuring MacEwan students, staff, faculty and alumni. They will reflect on the core values and what it means to build healthy relationships, resilient communities and a just society. Videos will be published throughout the week on Facebook and Twitter.

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Join the Voicing Our Values campaign

We want to hear from you why the core values of building healthy relationships matter! Here's how to participate.


Number1Pick one core value: consent, respect, support, sex-positivity, empathy or courage.


Number2Take a photo with a sign that tells us why it’s important for ending sexual violence. The only guideline is that your sign begins with the word you are reflecting on. For example, “Consent is important for ending sexual violence because...” or “Respect matters because....”


Number3Submit your photo via Google form and follow us on Facebook or Twitter to see your submission and others shared with the MacEwan community throughout October.


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We want to build a community where everyone who has experienced sexual violence can feel heard, believed, accepted and valued.
— Meagan Simon, sexual violence response coordinator

Past events

Photos from past Sexual Violence Awareness Week events, which have featured an assortment of activities, including art exhibits, performances, information booths, workshops and panels.