Workshops and Training

To become a campus that promotes a culture of consent, it is important that we understand the myths and truths about sexual violence and rape culture. When you participate in a workshop, you join others in the MacEwan community who are committed to creating a safer, more respectful campus.

Workshop: Understanding and Responding to Sexual Violence

This 60-or 90-minute workshop provides an overview of different forms of sexual violence, defines consent, explains how to support individuals who have been affected by sexual violence and gives practical information on sexual violence prevention.

Peer education workshop: Creating a Culture of Consent (MAVEN)

This 50 or 80 minute workshop is designed to be delivered in classes and is facilitated student members of the MAVEN peer education team. Participants will learn about the spectrum of sexual violence, gain skills for navigating consent, talk about how to prevent sexual violence and learn about campus resources for individuals affected by sexual violence.

Workshop: Learning to Support Survivors of Sexual Violence

At this three-hour interactive workshop, participants learn how to support someone who has been affected by sexual assault, sexual harassment, relationship violence or stalking. Participants gain a deeper understanding of the impacts of sexual violence and the challenges survivors face, develop support skills and come away with practical tools for helping friends and loved ones.

Faculty and staff training: Sexual Violence Support Guide Program (SVSG)

Open to all MacEwan University employees, the Sexual Violence Support Guide (SVSG) program provides faculty and staff with the skills and support they need to be leaders in sexual violence prevention and response on campus.

The SVSG program includes a 14-hour comprehensive curriculum that aims to

  • Provide staff and faculty with a better understanding of sexual violence as a public health and social issue.

  • Teach participants how to respond to disclosures of sexual violence and to make referrals to campus and community resources in a supportive, trauma-informed way.

  • Empower participants to take an active role in sexual violence awareness and prevention.

Upon completion of the program, you may choose to become a Support Guide. In this capacity, you will stay engaged with the Office of Sexual Violence Prevention, Education and Response (OSVPER) by providing support and information to colleagues and students about issues, policies, procedures and resources related to sexual violence. Support Guides also commit to attending biannual meetings, supporting OSVPER events and initiatives and working to create a culture of consent on campus, in the classroom and outside the university walls.

Custom workshops and training

We can provide workshops tailored to the specific needs, time constraints, and learning objectives of your department, class, faculty or club.


To book a workshop or training session, or to learn more about these programs, contact the Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Coordinator.

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