Curriculum Support

Our Curriculum Planning & Development offers flexible, customized support on matters of course and program (re)design, learning outcome development, instructional strategy planning, assessment alignment, and any other curriculum-related concerns at the course, department, program, or faculty/school level. You can find out more about our services below, or contact Daniel Braun for more information, any time!

Programming & Consultations

Curriculum Planning and Development offers year-round programming as well as customized, just-on-time services.

Danny is available for appointments, phone calls, or email consultations with individual faculty members and groups of any size. We are also happy to come to your space and offer sessions on any specially-requested, curriculum-related topics that would benefit your area.

Access the current Programming Guide for information and links to register in events.

Course and Program Design

We specialize in assisting with the design (or re-design) of courses and programs. Whether the goal is improved assessment tools for one course taught by one individual, increased alignment among a few related courses, updated program-level outcomes, or anything in-between, we can provide hands-on cooperative support, on-demand project management consultations, materials and resources, and more. If you have any questions related to changing, updating or otherwise re-thinking a course or program, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Daniel Braun, Curriculum Planning and Development