Annual Reports

Faculty will submit their Annual Reports using the eCV system for the 2016-2017 Academic Year. Chairs will access reports through their unique dashboard access beginning Fall 2017.

Affected Faculty

In keeping with the 2017-2019 faculty Collective Agreement, each Probationary, Continuing, and Full-time Limited-Term faculty member is required to submit an Annual Report on or before September 15 (Article 14.2.2).  

Annual Report Content

An Annual Report identifies your workload type or workload component(s) and documents a your activities and achievements, reflections and initiatives during the period September 1 to the following August 31. The report is a key supporting document used during the Annual Performance Evaluation process. 

eCV System and the Annual Report

The eCV system was developed to support faculty career initiatives, and will continue to evolve as needs are identified. The system provides Members with a repository for the storage and updating of academic career achievements, initiatives and information involving teaching, research and creative scholarly activities, and service.

eCV Benefits

  • Faculty can store all academic career information in one location, and generate an Annual Report or Curriculum Vitae from within the system.
  • The eCV is linked to other campus software programs, such as PeopleSoft, and BLUE for course and student feedback data, to enable the seamless transfer of data, and to reduce data entry.
  • Data on courses taught can be loaded into the eCV dating back to Fall 2011 through the single click of a button.
  • Look-up menus are available to minimize typing.
  • Supporting documentation can be uploaded, stored and available in one location for the annual review process. (To be available in August.)
  • The eCV provides a sustainable framework for future eCV enhancements. For example, application templates for Continuing Status, Promotion, Sabbatical Leave, research grant funding, etc. can be developed.

Accessing the eCV

You can access the eCV online at any time, from any location, as long as you have web access. Log in to PeopleSoft using your ID and password, and on the main menu drop-down list select eCV.

Access the eCV support site

Generating an Annual Report

Be sure to complete all data entry for your Annual Report by September 15.  You can only submit your Annual Report once per Academic Year, but you can preview a pdf version of your Annual Report as often as you like using the Generate Report feature.  If you forget to submit your Annual Report by September 15, your Annual Report will be automatically generated and submitted a few days following the submission deadline date, on your behalf, to your Chair.


Quick Reference Guide

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Technical Support

Technical support questions can be forwarded to Rita Ho at

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