Mid-semester feedback

MacEwan is committed to the use of multiple feedback tools for continually improving teaching and student learning. As per the 2017-2019 collective agreement, in order to improve course design and teaching effectiveness, faculty members may conduct additional formative course surveys and evaluations, provided that student confidentiality is protected and the format and the timing of the survey do not compromise the formal student course evaluation process.

Benefits of a mid-semester evaluation

  • Demonstrates that you are responsive to your students' concerns, creating a positive loop around students giving feedback (Literature indicates that students appreciate knowing you are interested in their opinion.)
  • Provides you with information about student perceptions of the effectiveness of learning activities
  • Indicates the direction of your formal, end-of-term course evaluations
  • An effective way for students to reflect on their individual progress in achieving course learning

How to use the results

  • Make adjustments to your course practices that will result in greater student learning, such as changing the lecture routine; the content or layout of slides; or clarify any misunderstandings in quiz or written assignments
  • Valuable information about what you can do to influence the direction of your course evaluations
  • Demonstrates to your administrators and colleagues that you are responsive to your students’ concerns about their learning experience

Templates and Strategies