Peer Review

Peer review is a method of faculty evaluation that has been well studied and supported in contemporary literature. At MacEwan, undertaking peer review is optional, however, instructors are encouraged to participate in order to develop a practice of reflection on the teaching process, encourage innovation in teaching methodology, develop curriculum, and enhance the student’s learning experience.

Faculty Members may choose to participate in classroom observations and review of selected teaching materials as a component of their evaluation. For probationary Faculty Members, peer review will normally occur in each term of the first two years of an appointment.
The peer review process at MacEwan consists of six main elements:

  1. Pre-observation meeting
  2. Review of teaching materials
  3. Classroom observation
  4. Post-observation debrief
  5. Post-observation meeting
  6. Final peer review report.

The final report will be submitted to the Chair, with a copy going to the Faculty Member. The Chair or Administrator will support and advise Faculty Members in the selection of two individuals to complete each peer review. It is not necessary that both peer reviewers be content-area experts. The Chair or Administrator will do a minimum of one of these reviews. Peer reviewers are colleagues trained through MacEwan’s Peer Review Training Program. However, by permission of the Chair and Faculty Member, internal or external peer reviewers with relevant expertise may be selected in cases where trained reviewers are unavailable.

Forms and Templates

List of Reviewers

Please contact Sarah Flynn, Faculty Evaluation Coordinator, at or, for a list of individuals at MacEwan interested in participating in the peer review process as reviewers.