Centre for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence

CAFÉ connects faculty to resources, to students, to scholarly and professional communities, and to one another. Open to all MacEwan faculty members (continuing, sessional and seasonal extended), CAFÉ promotes collaboration and enhances the educational experience for both faculty and students.

Although CAFÉ is located at City Centre Campus, we strive to be accessible and responsive to the needs of faculty at all our campuses and locations, offering flexible, integrated resources and services.

We are dedicated to providing leadership and assistance in the following areas:

  • Inspiring and facilitating innovation in teaching and scholarly activities

  • Coordinating the faculty evaluation system as a means of maintaining professional standards and supporting the ongoing development of faculty

  • Linking technology use with curriculum goals and pedagogical models

  • Encouraging, facilitating and highlighting faculty involvement in scholarly activity

  • Supporting faculty efforts in curriculum development and design through a process of renewal and evaluation

Finally, the members of the Centre for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence exemplify the CAFÉ’s commitment to innovation and excellence in teaching and scholarly activity in our own practice, by maintaining currency in our own fields of expertise.

Programming Guide

CAFÉ offers programming throughout the academic year. Faculty must register for sessions - click on the title of the course(s) of interest in the programming guide to register.

CAFÉ programming guide


Previous Programming Guides

If you are looking for previous programming guides, contact CAFE for further information.