Centre for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence

The Centre for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence (CAFÉ) has restructured and changed its name to Office of Teaching and Learning Services. Our focus on faculty and our commitment to excellence hasn’t changed, but our mandate has become more focused.

MacEwan University has evolved and created specific supports for research, wellness, tenure and promotion, diversity and other topics that used to fall under the umbrella of faculty development. With such great work being done in these areas, our new office will focus specifically on teaching and learning. As this new direction emerges, we'll develop resources and create new programming that contributes to meaningful classroom experiences for our students.

Learn about our activities through our newsletter and by reading Today at MacEwan University. If you have any questions, email us or drop by the office to see what we’re up to.

Programming guide

Teaching and Learning Services offers programming throughout the academic year. Faculty must register for sessions - click on the title of the course(s) of interest in the programming guide to register.

Programming Guide March/April 2020

Programming Guide January/February 2020

Previous programming guides

If you are looking for previous programming guides, contact us for further information.