Contact Information

Daniel Braun

Educational Developer, Teaching and Learning Services
Sessional Instructor, Sociology

PhD (Carleton)

7-266P, City Centre Campus
10700 – 104 Avenue
Edmonton, AB


Danny’s PhD in Sociology from Carleton University was a great excuse for writing extensively about comic books and superheroes. As a graduate student Danny taught first-year sociology in an auditorium the size of an airplane hangar, third-year cultural studies in a tiny, over-heated classroom with no windows, and Enriched Support Workshops to at-risk students.

Danny joined MacEwan in 2012 and CAFÉ (now Teaching and Learning Services) in 2014 and has been happy ever since, providing innovative programming and customized curriculum and course-design support to anyone who will listen to him, and occasionally teaching Introductory Sociology to engaged, motivated students.