Pedagogical Pathways 2019: Reimagining Materials

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In partnership with MacEwan University’s Early Learning and Child Care program, Pedagogical Pathways 2019 brings early childhood educators together for two days of interactive workshops, featured speakers and inspired reflection.

Together, we will discuss the many ways children represent their ideas, questions and imaginations. You will also have the opportunity to participate in guided tactile material experiences, in order to better understand how to integrate them into your pedagogical practice. Our conversations will be facilitated by Flight: Alberta’s Early Learning and Care Framework.

Thursday, May 2, 5:30 – 8 p.m.

Friday, May 3, 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Registration opens February 15:
*Early Bird: $325
Regular: $375

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Thursday, May 2

Day 1 – Thursday, May 2  
5:30 p.m Registration, Reception and Networking
5:30 p.m. Art Exhibit: Reimagined Materials

What might reimagined materials inspire? The children, educators and families of ELM have been exploring multimodal literacies using an array of materials—recycled, textiles, and multiple media. This artful exhibit invites participants to consider material explorations and imaginations through the eyes of a child.

6:30 p.m. Welcome and Opening Remarks
7 p.m.

Featured Session: Deep Listening: Making Meaning of Children’s Voices through Material Explorations

What does it mean to deeply listen to children’s voices? MacEwan educators explore this question every day as they offer children an array of multimodal literacies for exploring and representing ideas, thoughts, feelings, questions and relationships. Children’s explorations and representations are changing how we think about childhood artifacts. By encouraging the use of a variety of materials at our centre, we are able to provoke thinking about the evolution of ideas, self and community, and experiences of coming together—in ways that are not always be possible when playing with pre-defined toys like dolls and cars.  In this feature talk, Jennifer Sibbald and Lee Makovichuk will share anecdotes from the ELM playrooms that will inspire participants to re-think how children express themselves.

Friday, May 3

Day 2 – Friday, May 3  
8:30 a.m. Welcome and breakfast (provided)
9 a.m.

Featured Session: Co-constructing Inspirations Part 1

Where do we find inspiration? In Friday’s featured session, you are invited to make meaning of the unfolding and deepening nature of Flight’s co-inquiry model for noticing, naming and nurturing the expected or unexpected in what captivates children’s inspirations and sense of wonder. With Flight: Alberta’s Early Learning and Care Framework as a guiding force, participants will break into small and large groups to  discuss a playroom adventure at ELM that opened-up unexpected possibilities.

10:15 a.m. Wellness Break and Networking
10:45 a.m.

Featured Session: Co-constructing Inspirations Part 2

12 noon Lunch (provided)
1 p.m. ELM Tour
1:45 p.m.

Discovery Sessions

Prepare for an engaging afternoon in ELM’s Playrooms: Hummingbird, Chickadee and Partridge. Our educators will lead participants through interactive play experiences and discussions about what is possible in early learning and child care settings.

Magnificent Things—The Power of Ideas

Hummingbird Room

The children at ELM have been creating magnificent things with recycled materials, but where do these ideas come from? In this playroom conversation, we invite you to imagine alongside us. Our educators will share some of the material transformations they’ve witnessed and lead you through an exploration of the power of ideas.

Loose Parts: Experiencing Self within Community

Chickadee Room

What does it mean to be in community? In this discovery session, we’ll examine how the children in the Chickadee Room use blocks, boxes and loose parts to express their ideas, thoughts, and imaginations—and how these expressions lead to a realization of “self” within the context of a community.

Textiles: Sharing in the Spirit of Coming Together

Partridge Room

What does it mean to experience materials together? The children and educators of the Partridge Room have been investigating textiles in many iterations—painting, weaving, floating, gluing, inside and outside, pulling, stuffing, full-bodied playful explorations. Join us for a hands-on exploration of how textile adventures provide the fabric for children to join each other in laughter, ideas and explorations.

3:15 p.m. Wellness Break
3:30 p.m. Reflective Practice and Closing Thoughts

Keynote Speakers

Jennifer Sibbald

Jennifer Sibbald is a Team Lead Educator at Early Learning at MacEwan. A graduate of the Early Learning and Child Care Diploma Program and the Bachelor of Applied Human Service Administration Program from MacEwan University, she has been working in the early childhood education field for nine years—both here in Edmonton, Alberta  and in Palmerston North, New Zealand. She believes in creating responsive environments that provoke a strong image of the child as a mighty learner and citizen.

Lee Makovichuk

Lee Makovichuk is a faculty member  with MacEwan University, Department of Human Services and Early Learning. In the past five years, Lee has collaborated with other faculty, educators and a provincial advisory committee to co-create Flight: Alberta’s Early Learning and Care Framework. Currently, Lee is in doctoral studies with a focus on early childhood pedagogy.

Mackenzie Newhook

Mackenzie Newhook is a graduate of the Early Learning and Child Care Program at MacEwan University. Mackenzie's enjoyment of creating and experiencing art, inspires her to work closely with children to explore a variety of mixed media. This exploration of art mediums has encouraged Mackenzie to think deeply about children's encounters with materials, as each material responds to, and reflects, children's ideas uniquely.

Margaret Mykietyshyn

Margaret Mykietyshyn is a long-time faculty member in the Early Learning and Child Care Program at MacEwan University. While teaching about play, creativity and children’s explorations with art mediums, Margaret has been inspired to explore and seek deeper understanding about children’s use of materials as multimodal literacies. Margaret participated as a pedagogical mentor in the first pilot-project with the Alberta Curriculum Framework for Alberta.

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