Deferred Exams

Sometimes a student has a compelling reason for not being able to write an exam at the scheduled time. In these situations, the student can apply for a deferred exam.




Deferral requested

The student should advise their instructor of the missed exam and that they are requesting a deferred exam. The student completes a deferred exam request form and forwards it to the department chair or designate. The application is reviewed by the department chair or designate. For Faculty of Arts and Science courses: please direct the completed deferral form to the Exam Services Office in 6-224 or


Decision made

The department chair makes a decision about the request. If the request is rejected, the exam is written as originally scheduled. If approved, the department chair notifies Exam Services. 


New time scheduled

Exam Services schedules a new time for the exam. The student (via the student's myMacEwan email), instructor and department chair are notified of the new date.


Exam completed

The deferred exam is written at the Exam Services Centre. The department chair or designate is asked to pick up the completed exam. A fee is charged to the student's account. 




The student requesting a deferred exam, the department chair, the course instructor and Exam Services each have a role to play in the exam deferral process.


  • Complete Part A of the Deferred Examination Request form

  • Take the form to the department chair (or designate) for review (please note: for Faculty of Arts & Science courses, please direct the completed deferral form to the Exam Services Office located in 6-224 or

  • Wait to hear from the Exam Services Centre (if the request is approved) or the department chair (if the request is not approved)

  • If the request is approved, write the exam at the re-scheduled time

  • Pay the deferred exam fee on your student account

Department Chairs (or designates)

  • Make a decision about the Deferred Examination Request (See Final Assessment Policy C2005)

  • Communicate the decision to the student

  • If the student request is approved, forward the exam and the completed Deferred Examination Request form to the Exam Services Centre. Then complete a grade change form and forward it to the Office of the University Registrar after the exam has been written and graded.


  • Enter a grade of DEF in the student's record if the deferred request is approved

  • Pick up the completed exam when notified to do so by Exam Services. You will need to show photo ID when you pick up the exam.

  • Mark the deferred exam and share the results with the department chair or designate

Exam Services

  • After receiving the Deferred Examination Request form from the department chair, contact the student to book the exam in the Exam Services Centre

  • Email the exam booking confirmation to the student, the instructor member and the department chair

  • Apply the deferred exam fee to the student account, once the student begins writing the exam

  • Notify the appropriate instructor/faculty member when the exam has been completed and is ready for pick up