Deferred Exams

Sometimes a student has a compelling reason for not being able to write an exam at the scheduled time. In these situations, the student can apply for a deferred exam.


The exam deferral process involves four main activities.



The student requesting a deferred exam, the program chair, the course instructor and Exam Services each have a role to play in the exam deferral process.


  • Complete Part A of the Deferred Examination Request form
  • Take the form to the program chair (or designate) for review (please note: for Faculty of Arts & Science courses, please direct the completed deferral form to the Exam Services Office located in 6-224 or
  • Wait to hear from the Exam Services Centre (if the request is approved) or the program chair (if the request is not approved)
  • If the request is approved, write the exam at the re-scheduled time
  • Pay the deferred exam fee on your student account

Program Chairs (or designates)

  • Make a decision about the Deferred Examination Request (See Final Assessment Policy C2005)
  • Communicate the decision to the student
  • If the student request is approved, forward the exam and the completed Deferred Examination Request form to the Exam Services Centre. Then complete a grade change form and forward it to the University Registrar's Office after the exam has been written and graded.


  • Enter a grade of DEF in the student's record if the deferred request is approved
  • Pick up the completed exam when notified to do so by Exam Services. You will need to show photo ID when you pick up the exam.
  • Mark the deferred exam and share the results with the program chair or designate

Exam Services

  • After receiving the Deferred Examination Request form from the program chair, contact the student to book the exam in the Exam Services Centre
  • Email the exam booking confirmation to the student, the instructor member and the program chair
  • Apply the deferred exam fee to the student account, once the student begins writing the exam
  • Notify the appropriate instructor/faculty member when the exam has been completed and is ready for pick up