Scantron Scoring

The Exam Services Centre scans and scores scantron-based exams for MacEwan University instructors.

Scanning takes two business days from the date the request is received. Generally, inter-office mail delivery takes one to three business days each way. Please leave enough time for the scantrons to be scored and returned by your deadline.

Follow these steps when requesting scantron scoring services.

1. Complete an Exam Scanning Job Sheet

A separate Exam Scanning Job Sheet is required for each exam you submit. If a Job Sheet is missing, damaged, out of date or incomplete, the request may be delayed or not processed.

2. Provide an answer key for the exam

If you are providing multiple answer keys (i.e., more than one key for one exam but compiling it as one job), please indicate the number of keys to be used on the Job Sheet. When using multiple answer keys, you have to complete the “special codes” section on the answer keys and the student exams. Item analysis reports and omitted questions are NOT available with multiple answer keys. If an answer key is incomplete, damaged or unreadable, the request cannot be processed.

3. Compile the completed exams

Stack the exams so that they are all facing the same direction. Do not use an elastic to hold them together as the elastics can curl or tear the sheets. The scanner may not be able to read exams that are ripped, smudged, folded or that have writing or other marks in the margins. Exams with white-out markings may damage the scanner.

In accordance with FOIP legislation, Exam Services Centre staff cannot make changes to scantron sheets.

4. Seal and deliver the Exam Scanning Job Sheet, answer key and completed exams in an envelope

Put the Exam Scanning Job Sheet and answer key on top of the exams and seal in an envelope. Drop the envelope in the slots outside of Rooms 6-224 or 9-203 OR write Scanning Office 6-224 on the envelope and deliver it through inter-office mail.

5. Receive the report

The results of the exams will be sent to valid MacEwan email addresses as pdf reports that cannot be altered. Immediately after a job has been completed, the Exam Services Centre deletes the report and related data.

Curious about how scantron reports look? Here's a sample for your review.