people giving cpr

Some people cannot get enough of the water. They are passionate about swimming and want to take their training to a higher level or pursue a career as a lifeguard or swim instructor.

At MacEwan, you can take part in a number of certification programs that focus on advanced swimming skills, aquatics leadership, lifeguarding and life saving and first aid. Successful completion of leadership programs requires attendance of all classes. 🏆 indicates Campus Cup eligible. 

Bronze Medallion/Bronze Cross 🏆

This combined course will help you develop an understanding of the water rescue elements: judgment, knowledge, skill, and fitness.


National Lifeguard/Aquatic Emergency Care/O2 Original 🏆

These programs develop basic lifeguarding skills, and comprehensive training covering first aid and CPR, including Oxygen administration.


National Lifeguard/AEC or Standard First Aid/O2 Recert 🏆

Recertifications of National Lifeguard, AEC, Standard First Aid and O2


Swim Instructor Examiner/Lifesaving Instructor Examiner Recert 

Recertification of Swim Instructor/ Lifesaving Instructor.