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Some people cannot get enough of the water. They are passionate about swimming and want to take their training to a higher level or pursue a career as a lifeguard or swim instructor.

At MacEwan, you can take part in a number of certification programs that focus on advanced swimming skills, aquatics leadership, lifeguarding and life saving and first aid. Successful completion of leadership programs requires attendance of all classes. 🏆 indicates Campus Cup eligible. 

Bronze Medallion/Bronze Cross 🏆

This combined course will help you develop an understanding of the water rescue elements: judgment, knowledge, skill, and fitness.


Lifesaving First Aid Instructor

The Lifesaving First Aid Instructor course prepares instructors to teach and evaluate Lifesaving Emergency First Aid, Lifesaving Standard First Aid, Aquatic Emergency Care, CPR and Oxygen Administration certifications.


National Lifeguard/Aquatic Emergency Care/O2 Original 🏆

These programs develop basic lifeguarding skills, and comprehensive training covering first aid and CPR, including Oxygen administration.


National Lifeguard/AEC or Standard First Aid/O2 Recert 🏆

Recertifications of National Lifeguard, AEC, Standard First Aid and O2


National Lifeguard Instructor

The National Lifeguard Instructor course explores teaching approaches and techniques appropriate for National Lifeguard candidates.


National Lifeguard Instructor Recert

The National Lifeguard Instructor Recertification course evaluates instructor level 3 leadership competencies, facilitates networking and provides instructors with updates from the Lifesaving Society.


Swim Instructor Examiner/Lifesaving Instructor Examiner Recert 

Recertification of Swim Instructor/ Lifesaving Instructor.