Courses & Classes

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We offer a variety of aquatics classes for swimmers of all abilities and interests—from youth triathlon training to master swim workouts. Registered courses require a fee to participate. Value-added classes are free for members, included with a pass or with paid facility access.

Registered courses

The following registered courses require a fee to participate, with discounted rates for students and members.

Junior Lifesaving Sport

This program challenges individuals to excel in lifesaving knowledge, skill, fitness and leadership.


Youth Triathlon

This is a recreational program, covering age-appropriate fitness skills and training, which enables kids to compete in all three disciplines.


Female-Only Swims

Join our female lifeguards for an exclusive female-only public swim.


Female-Only Fitness

Join our female instructor for an invigorating high-energy, shallow-water workout that is guaranteed to help you reach your fitness goals.


Masters Swim

Great swim workouts led by our professional coaches, including a variety of stroke drills, distance challenges and one-on-one feedback.



Value-added classes

The following value-added classes are free drop-in classes for those who have a Sport and Wellness membership or pass.

Shallow Water Fitness

This class combines cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength to provide a fun, low-impact workout suitable for all ages and fitness levels.


Deep Water Fitness

This class improves cardiovascular conditioning and strengthens and tones your muscles. You will use an "aqua jogger" belt for support.