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Lots of in-water practice. Hands-on teaching activities that are fun for everyone. An emphasis on solid swimming strokes and skills. These key components of our Swim for Life™ program combine to create life-long swimmers.

Our swim lessons programming, for students of all levels and abilities, is built around the Lifesaving Society Swim to Survive™ standard, which stresses orienting yourself after falling into the water, supporting yourself at the surface and swimming to safety. Swim with us and learn skills that last a lifetime.

If your child took lessons with a different program and you want to know the Swim for Life™ equivalent, see our program transition chart.

Program Transition Chart

Group swim lessons

Parent and Tot

For children four months to three years old and within arm's reach of their parents.


Five levels for ages 3-5, from getting in the water up to front and back crawl.


Six levels for school-aged children, from floats up to initial endurance workouts.

Level 7/8/9: Rookie/Ranger/Star Patrol

Canadian Swim Patrol Program—lifesaving, first aid skills, plus refining strokes.

Adult 🏆

Classes for beginners or to develop water confidence, plus stroke and endurance development.


Small group program for children aged 4-16 with special needs. Skills are broken down into manageable components and progressions.

🏆 indicates Campus Cup eligible.

Group swim lessons

In summer, families focus on vacation, fun and getting as much sun as they can. To accommodate this, our summer lessons for youth (age 4-12) are only one-week long and tailored to swim ability and not age. All Jr Griffins Aquatic camps include registration in a summer swim lesson.

If your child took lessons with a different program and you want to know the Swim for Life™ equivalent, see our Summer Lessons Transition Chart.


This is for those who are still developing confidence in the water. No minimum swim ability required.



These lessons are designed for swimmers who are fairly comfortable in the water, can jump into deep water, and can flutter kick on front and back for over 5 m.



Swimmers in this level should be comfortable in deep water, be able to tread water for 1 minute, and swim front and back crawl for 25 m.



These lessons are designed for swimmers are proficient in the water; are able to swim 100 m non-stop and want to focus on developing endurance and strong swimming skills for life!



Choose from Adult 1: Scared Stiff targeted to those who have a fear of water or who would like to work through skills slowly. Adult 1 classes for beginners who are just starting to swim. Adult 2/3 Fitness Swimmer where participants learn to set their own goals, developing water confidence and smooth and efficient strokes.


School Group Lessons

Students receive a thorough level assessment and are organized to ensure swimmers are properly challenged. Contact us to register.


Private swim lessons

Led by our highly-trained instructors, these sessions are ideal for anyone wanting personalized instruction to improve their swimming. Lessons are tailored to each individual/group. The cost of the lesson is the same whether with a single participant or group—so grab some friends and swim for a fraction of the cost! Max of 3 participants per group. We suggest that individuals are similar in swimming skills to optimize time with the instructor. Adult Swim Lessons are 🏆 Campus Cup eligible.



Swim Program Design 🏆

During these two one-on-one sessions you will receive a comprehensive consultation, assessment, and personalized workout program tailored to your goals and skill level.


Aquatics courses, public swimming and certification

Water fitness classes, triathlon training, junior lifeguard club, instructor certification, swim lessons—our aquatics program has something for everyone. Try something new in the water or build on skills that you already have. Our trained instructors and lifeguards motivate you to meet your aquatic and fitness goals while staying safe in the water.

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Discount parking

Discounted parking is now included with fitness and aquatic course registration, swim lessons, personal training and assessments*.

*Students, staff and faculty are not eligible.


No refunds will be issued after the registration deadline.