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Our fitness programming serves people of all abilities and interests—from triathlon training and kickboxing to yoga and Pilates. Registered courses require a fee to participate. Value-added classes are free for members, included with the purchase of a pass or with paid facility access.

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24/7 Fitness on Demand

MacEwan student members have unlimited access to a new virtual fitness class platform they can experience at their convenience on their phones, computers or TVs.

Registered courses 

Our registered courses require a fee to participate, with discounted rates for students and members. Our registered courses make fitness affordable and fun!  Watch for new offerings for Fall 2021. πŸŽ₯ indicates class is also offered virtually. πŸ† indicates Campus Cup eligible. 


Value-added classes

The following value-added classes are free drop-in classes for those who have a Sport and Wellness membership or pass. The public can join for a fee. πŸŽ₯ indicates class is also offered virtually. πŸ† indicates Campus Cup eligible. Spring Value-Added classes begin May 3. 

City Centre Runners πŸ†

Join us for coached training sessions that include interval, tempo and hill workouts around MacEwan University. Participants must be able to run 30 minutes continuously.


HiLit πŸŽ₯ πŸ†

High-intensity, low-impact training. Reap all the benefits of HIIT style training without the strain on your joints. Your heart will pump, the sweat will flow, but your knees won’t scream!


Older Adult Cardio & Stretch πŸŽ₯ πŸ†

Spend the first portion of class pumping the heart rate with fun cardio movements, followed by an extended stretch and mobility work.


Older Adult Functional for Life πŸŽ₯ πŸ†

Train to stay independent by building muscular strength and endurance through functional movements.


Older Adult Strength πŸŽ₯ πŸ†

Stretch and strengthen for elevated body function.


Older Adult Tone & Balance πŸŽ₯ πŸ†

Perform low-impact exercise for full-body benefit.


SpinDurance πŸŽ₯ πŸ†

Build cardiovascular endurance through a variety of long and high-intensity cycle intervals.


Spin the Beat πŸŽ₯ πŸ†

Get your blood pumping to the music, spin to the RPM of a high energy playlist.


Check out our Aquatic Value-Added Classes.


Discount parking

Discounted parking is now included with fitness and aquatic course registration, swim lessons, personal training and assessments*.

*Students, staff and faculty are not eligible.


No refunds will be issued after the registration deadline.

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