Whether you want to learn something new to improve your fitness and health routine or relieve the stress of everyday life, our workshops will provide you with a practical, hands-on experience with the latest up-to-date information to help you stay healthy and fit.

We are offering two series: The Relax and Restore Series and Injury Rehab/ Prehab Series. Choose your path to be the best you! Register online in one workshop or the full series of three workshops to save!

Relax & Restore Series

Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness meditation involves paying attention to the present moment, deliberately and non-judgementally. Become aware and conscious of what is happening in the body and mind without trying to change it. Learn what it’s about and how to start your own mindfulness practice to reduce stress and enjoy life a little more.


Trauma Sensitive Yoga

This session is based on the techniques taught in the YogaFit for Warriors program. The fundamental belief is that, through slower movement and heightened sensory awareness, an individual can go back to their source of trauma and release it. This will be an all-inclusive gentle yoga practice focusing on breath awareness and staying in the present moment. 


Inspiring Change: Goal Setting to Overcome Barriers

Are you struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle? You are not alone. Come learn some key tools to promote behaviour change for a healthy lifestyle. Recognize counterproductive behaviors and discover new methods to move more, eat better and make healthier decisions. You can improve your health!



Injury Rehab/ Prehab

Low Back Injury Prevention

Low back injuries are common and debilitating. Injuries can occur while lifting, twisting, performing sudden movements, or from repetitive stress and poor posture over time. In this hands-on and practical workshop, you will explore principles of body mechanics with the goal of injury prevention. 


Endurance Athlete Prehab

Don’t let an injury keep you from crossing the finish line! Incorporating regular prehab exercises into your training schedule is one of the most effective ways to prevent overuse injuries common to endurance athletes. Take a little time to learn exercises to keep you feeling good doing the sport you love.


Ergonomics & Posture

Do you feel achy and stiff by the end of the work day? Many occupations involve performing repetitive tasks or spending sedentary time in uncomfortable positions which, over time, can lead to chronic pain and injury. Learn movements and exercises in this hands-on workshop that will mitigate the consequences of the chronic postures we find ourselves in daily.