Sport and Wellness Testimonial - Cody

What do you do that contributes most significantly to your overall wellness?

I exercise five times a week, get enough sleep and eat well.

How or why did you start with it?

I wanted to create habits early in my life that will help keep me physically and mentally healthy.

How has MacEwan University Sport and Wellness helped you along the way?

Sport and Wellness has provided me with a place to workout that has equipment and machines to meet all my fitness needs.

What’s been your greatest challenge with it along the way?

COVID-19. Not having access to the gym was hard on both my physical and mental health. The outlet is important. What ‘s your favourite memory of this journey? Spending time at the gym with university friends, pushing each other to be our best and challenging each other.

What are the two most significant gains you’ve made from doing this?

Overall, physical and mental health, but also a greater appreciation for putting in work day after day and seeing results that originally felt impossible.

What wisdom would you like to share with someone thinking about doing it?

Find a fitness activity you like. For me, it’s weights, but find something that won’t lose its novelty. Build it into your schedule and hold yourself to a standard, but give yourself grace.

What’s next for you?

The plan is just to keep showing up. Picking up heavy stuff, moving it around a bit, and putting it back down keeps me humble and collected. MacEwan University Sport and Wellness keeps me level, and I just plan on continuing to challenge myself and growing physically and mentally.