Sport and Wellness Testimonial

What do you do that contributes most significantly to your overall wellness?
I've always enjoyed running; it's an excellent activity for both your physical and mental health. I like the solidarity and peacefulness of it.

How or why did you start with it.
I've always wanted to do a full marathon; I've done a handful of halves over the years but always told myself I could never do a full. I decided this would be my year and knew I needed proper training to do it successfully.

How has MacEwan helped you along the way.
As a staff member, I have access to funds that I can put towards wellness. When I decided to train for a marathon, I knew I needed to do it under the guidance and training of a professional. I used these funds to purchase personal one-on-one training sessions with James, MacEwan's guru of running! James has built me a program designed for success; his encouragement, knowledge, and attention to detail have improved my ability as a runner, both physically and mentally.

What's been your biggest challenge with it along the way.
Adapting from training in the gym to having to train at home when you don't have the necessary equipment has probably been the biggest challenge. Each time, James has adjusted my program and used what he knows I have access to, which has allowed me to continue. It's amazing what you can use around the house for strength training!

What's your favorite memory of this journey
As we are halfway to my race date, my favorite memory so far has been the growth in my confidence. In the first four weeks of my training program, I am faster, stronger, and more confident in my ability to achieve this goal than I have ever felt.

What are the two most significant gains you've made from doing this
I just turned 45, and I feel more confident and stronger than I did at 25. I'm so excited to be on this journey and can't wait for race day.

What wisdom would you like to share with someone thinking about doing it?
Start. Often we tell ourselves what we can't do, focus on the positive, and make a run for it.

What's next for you
Knocking my first race off my bucket list at the Edmonton Marathon on August 21.