Lockers & Towels

Locker rental

The lockers inside change rooms are free for daily use but cannot be used for overnight storage. Rental lockers are located in the hallways outside men's, women's and family change rooms. Locker rentals are non-refundable.

Rental period Cost
Annual rental* $100
Four-month rental* $60
Day use Free

*Members only. 


Lock rental and purchase

Day rental $2
Purchase $8 combination lock or key lock


Towel service

Rental period Cost
Annual towel service $100
Four-month towel service $60
Daily towel service $2


Equipment loans

  • Small fitness items are available from the Welcome Desk with the exchange of an ID

  • Equipment loans are for day use only and must be returned to get your ID back

  • A $10 fee will be charged to retrieve your ID when the item has not been returned