Join a league. Play a sport. Have fun with old friends. Make some new ones. Our leagues promote teamwork, respect on the gym floor and a good time!

Leagues are open to current MacEwan University students and alumni, MacEwan University employees, Sport and Wellness members and the general public. All indoor league play takes place in our city centre gymnasium. Outdoor leagues take place at differnt city fields. Leagues are 🏆 Campus Cup eligible.

Spring Leagues




Return to play protocols

Before you play

SCREENING: If you answer 'yes' to any of the questions from the Alberta Health Daily Checklist, you must not participate. 

  • Self-screening must be completed by all players prior to every game - no exceptions.

  • If any player is experiencing symptoms at their game, the Team Captain must send them home immediately; play cannot commence until the individual has left the playing area.

WASH YOUR HANDS: Players should wash their hands prior to heading out to MacEwan’s Gymnasium each week, and bring their own sanitizer.

  • Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

  • Players should wash their hands again, as soon as possible after each game.

MASKS: Wearing a mask is mandatory in all public, indoor spaces. You must wear a mask during your arrival/departure from the facility, and when not playing. You are not required to wear a mask while playing, as wearing a mask while “engaging in physical activity” is an exception to the rule.

DISTANCING: In the lead up to the game, maintain the appropriate 6-foot social distance between teammates and opponents that are not a part of your household or personal cohort.

MEETINGS AND HANDSHAKES: Pre-game captain's meetings and handshakes have been eliminated.

  • If captains choose to meet, they must maintain a 6-foot distance.

  • Schedules will now indicate who the 'home' and 'away' teams are.

  • At the end of the game, teams should verbally acknowledge “good game” to their opponent but must not shake hands or high five one another.


  • Please arrive no more than 10 minutes before the scheduled game time.

  • If you arrive at your court and the game before yours is still in progress, do not move towards or onto the playing area until the other team has completely cleared the gymnasium.


  • All players must adhere to all MacEwan University Recreation policies.

  • There will be no congregating in the lobby, hallways, or parking areas before, during, or after your game. Please avoid overlap with other players.

  • Handshakes, high fives, or any other physical contact is not permitted.

  • Teams must ensure they limit shared equipment and ensure frequent sanitization between use. Please wipe down shared equipment between each use with the appropriate sanitization tools.

  • MacEwan University Recreation discourages the use of scents by all players, to prevent sneezing and coughing.

What we are doing


  • Rulebooks will be updated with new game formats and, in some cases, rule adjustments to accommodate COVID-19 safety. All players must read their sport specific rulebook prior to playing, to ensure they are aware of any changes made for their sport.

  • Quizzes will be updated with COVID-19 safety questions.

  • Sports will be required to adhere to a division of 50 players maximum. As such, some divisions could be as small as 4 or 6 teams.

    • We will be carefully monitoring the number of players in each division to ensure we are not exceeding 50 players in any cohort.

    • This also means that roster sizes will be capped. Recreation staff will be monitoring roster sizes at games.

    • We have zero tolerance if you are found to be breaking the maximum roster size rules. Your team will be suspended for your next game, with an automatic default loss. If the infraction is in your final game, your team will have to immediately cease play and will automatically take a default loss.

  • Players must not be a part of multiple cohorts while we are in Phase 2 of the relaunch strategy. This means players may only participate on ONE team.


  • Teams must spread out along the sidelines/benches unless they are members of the same household. We will have markings on the floor to help show where you should stand.

  • Players must cover their mouth and nose with the pit of their elbow when coughing or sneezing.

  • There will be no sharing of water bottles or food of any kind.

  • Leave nothing on site; take all belongings and garbage with you.


  • Subs will not be allowed.

  • Teams are allowed to have a flexible roster size.


  • Need to wear a mask throughout their entire shift.

  • Need to have plexiglass separator on each check in table.

  • Cleaning supplies need to be provided along with hand sanitizer for each staffer.

  • Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19; with a history of international travel in the last 14 days; or with close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days must remain at home.

  • We will train staff on how:

    • COVID-19 is transmitted.

    • Properly clean equipment.

    • How to wear a mask.

    • All new protocols to mitigate COVID within our rec leagues.


  • Will not be allowed in gymnasium during games.


  • Participants should be encouraged to bring their own equipment.

  • Any shared equipment provided by MUSW will be cleaned and sanitized between sets/periods/halves etc. by staff.

  • New equipment (e.g. game ball) will be provided for each new game.

  • Each court will have a tub labelled “dirty” and “clean” to clearly identify the equipment.


  • Physical barriers (e.g., curtains) need to be put down to separate the courts.

  • Players should follow marked one-way traffic patterns when entering and exiting the gymnasium. (E.g. enter south court only, leave through center court only).

  • Gymnasium floors should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected at an enhanced frequency.

  • Encourage participants to arrive at the facility ready to participate in their activity without needing to use a change room if possible.

Registration information

Registration types:

Full Team - a group of people looking to play that have enough people to make a full team. A captain is selected among the group of people and thus builds their own roster and decides how many players they want to have on their roster. Recreation staff do not add any other players to this team's roster. Each person on the team is required to fill out their own registration form and make their own payment.

Free Agent - someone looking to play but does not have enough players to make a full team. These players can request to play with another person on the registration form! Recreation staff manage the size and composition of this team's roster and will always attempt to build ideal team rosters with an adequate number of people. However, teams could include more or less players than the ideal roster size, depending on the total registrations received in that particular sport or division.

Fees include:

  • Gymnasium access

  • 7 weeks of league play (regular season and finals)

  • Equipment

  • Fully-staffed games

  • Up-to-date league standings and schedules

  • Participation t-shirts (must attend a minimum 3 games and have 0 defaults)

  • Prizing for league champs and spirit winners

  • Note: If you are having trouble finding your student rate online, please visit our Welcome Desk (building 8, 1st Floor, MacEwan University) or call (780-497-5300) to reset your account.

Registration deadlines and cancellations:

Commit to be fit with our new Early Bird discount pricing. If you missed out on the savings, you still have time to sign up before the registration deadline. If you need to cancel, you will receive a full refund prior to the regular registration deadline. No refunds will be issued after the registration deadline.

League information

League Handbook

Who can play:

  • Anyone 18 years of age and over.

  • Current varsity athletes are not allowed to play in a league that is the same as their varsity sport.

  • Participants may only register and play for one team per league; participants can play in multiple leagues.

  • All participants must have valid photo ID in order to participate in any league every night. 

League formats:

Our Mixed Leagues carry gender ratio requirements. Individuals shall be permitted to participate in any league type that is in accordance with that person's asserted gender identity. Teams must adhere to a maximum number of self-identified men. The remainder of the players may be of any other gender identification.

  • Open - Men, Women, Two-Spirit, Trans, Non-Binary
    This category welcomes individuals of all genders to participate.

  • Mixed - Men, Women, Two-Spirit, Trans, Non-Binary
    This category welcomes individuals of all genders to participate. However, teams must adhere to a maximum number of self-identified men. Please refer to each sport for those specific ratio guidelines.

Player Requirements
Sport On the Court To Not Default
Doubles Badminton 2 1
5-on-5 Basketball 5 (3:2 gender ratio) 4 (2:2 gender ratio)
Dodgeball 6 4
Floor Hockey 4 (3:1 gender ratio) 3 (2:1 gender ratio)
Indoor Soccer 5 (3:2 gender ratio) 4 (2:2 gender ratio)
Volleyball 6 4


  • Quizzes need to be completed by Friday, October 2 at midnight.

  • Failure to complete the quiz results in negative spirit points for your team.

  • A passing grade is considered to be 80% or higher.

  • Full Team registrations require only two people to complete the quiz and get 80% or higher.

  • Free Agent registrations are required to complete the quiz and get 80% or higher.

  • Participants needs to complete a quiz for each sport they are registering for.

  • Participants can take the quiz as many times as needed to achieve an 80%.

  • Quiz links are located on the sport specific landing page.

Defaults and forfeits

What is a forfeit?

  • The result of a team providing appropriate notice that they will be unable to meet the minimum participant or gender requirements for their league.

  • For weekday leagues, before noon (12 pm) on the day of the event is considered appropriate notice.

  • For weekend leagues, before noon (12 pm) on the Friday prior is considered appropriate notice.

What happens when a team forfeits?

  • The team receives a 2 out of 3 spirit rating from Rec staff.

  • The opposing team is contacted in advance to be made aware of the situation.

  • Two forfeits = 1 default.

What is a default?

  • A default occurs when, at the scheduled game start time, a team has fewer than the minimum amount of required players and did not contact the office prior to the game.

  • If a team chooses to leave early and quit the game for any reason, including a lack of players, the team will default.

What happens when a team defaults?

  • The team receives a 1 out of 3 spirit rating from Rec staff.

  • If a team defaults twice in one season they can be removed from the league without a refund.

  • The team is no longer eligible to receive t-shirts.


  • Subs will not be allowed for the Winter 2021 season.

  • Teams are allowed to have a flexible roster size to accommodate needing extra players throughout the season. 



Erinne Babcock, Recreation Supervisor
780-497-5370 • babcocke3@macewan.ca


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