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You don’t have to be a kid to play games and have fun! Get involved with sport Leagues or the curling and March Madness tournaments. Hitting the slopes with Learn 2 Ski, Snowboard or our winter road trip to Jasper—are just a few of the ways people can get together, meet people and be active.  

All of our sport and recreation programs emphasize fair play, participation and socializing. Everyone welcome. 

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Winter is coming

Beat the cold with new group fitness classes to get you moving, take swim lessons or become a lifeguard, plus sport leagues, tournaments and lots of skiing.


Are you into sports?! Do you like to have fun and want to meet new people while getting some exercise?! Sign up on your own or with some friends, we have all the options!

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Curling Rocks Live to Play

Special events

Do you want to participate in a Paint Night or race around a track? Our Learn 2 series will have you skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing or bouldering. Or grab your broom or ball and check out our curling and March Madness tournaments.

Sport clubs

You have a favourite sport and you want to play with other fans of the game. These clubs are student-led groups that give you the chance to keep playing the sport you love. Join an existing club or start your own.

Scuba Club

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Youth camps

Our sport camps are designed to engage athletes of all experiences and skill levels. We focus on developing an individual's skills and integrating team play into our young athletes' performance.