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We support students who want to meet other students who share their sport or active-living passions. You love nature and would like to meet others to spend time with in the great outdoors. Join our outdoor club. You really took to archery in high school and would like to meet others archers. Start a club with us.


Sport Clubs are led by students, for students, in an active and social environment. Getting involved with a MacEwan University Recreation Sport Club is easy. Join an existing club as a member or start your own! You must be a student or a MUSW member in order to participate in our sport club programs.

Current sport clubs

Join a Club's Facebook group if you are interested or have joined as a member.

Club / Facebook First-time Member fee 
(Includes semester membership fee) 
Semester Membership Annual Membership
Badminton n/a Student $10
Member $15
Student $15
Member $25
Barbell n/a Student $15
Member $20
Student $25
Member $40
Climbing Club Student $25
Member $30
Student $10
Member $15
Student $20
Member $30


n/a Student $10
Member $20
Student $15
Member $40

Scuba Diving

n/a Student $10
Member $20
Student $15
Member $30

Swim Club

n/a Student $12
Member $15
Student $24
Member $30



In order to successfully become a member of a MacEwan University Sport Club, you need to complete the following steps:

General guidelines


  1. MacEwan University students who have paid their Sport and Wellness fee are eligible to participate in a Sport Club.

  2. MacEwan University students who have not paid their Sport and Wellness fee are eligible to participate in a Sport Club if they purchase a MacEwan University Sport and Wellness membership or, where possible, opt-in to the Sport and Wellness Fee.

  3. All Sport and Wellness members (including employees, alumni, and public) may be eligible to participate in the Sport Club program, depending on the classification of the Sport Club and league requirements.

  4. Only individuals 18 years or older, with the exception of current MacEwan University students, are eligible to participate in Sport Clubs

  5. Interuniversity athletes are eligible for membership in Sport Clubs. It is strongly encouraged that interuniversity athletes provide written notification to their coach and check policies of the governing body (league, association, etc...) prior to joining Club.


  1. Club Members must abide by all policies, rules and procedures established by MacEwan University, including but not limited to, the Student Rights and Responsibilities and the Sport Club Handbook.

  2. Be respectful of MacEwan University staff, Sport Club participants, opponents, fans, and members;

  3. Advocate role modeling and sportsmanship for other teams and institutions.

  4. Individuals who are members of aquatic-based Sport Clubs are required to pass a swimming test prior to acceptance into the Sport Club. Sport Club staff and the MUSW Aquatic Supervisor will work with the Sport Club officers to organize a testing plan.

  5. Due to the various risks involved with Sport Clubs, Sport Club staff may initiate different requirements that Sport Club members will have to adhere to that may not be listed in this handbook.

  6. Along with the guidelines for membership outlined in the Sport Club handbook, Sport Club members are required to comply with the guidelines as set forth by national/provincial sport organizations.

  7. Failure to meet these requirements will result in disciplinary action (Section 12) against the member and/or the Club.


Sport club application and renewal process

1. Apply by the deadline

New Club Applications: October 15, 2018 (for Club’s interested in starting in January 2019)

New Club Applications: March 15, 2019 (for Club’s interested in starting during September 2019)

Current Club Renewals: March 15, 2019 (for Club’s interested in continuing their Club) 

2. Review member eligibility and requirements

Make sure you and the other members of the proposed Sport Club meet the guidelines of the Eligibility and Requirements sections. The handbook contains details on club expectations and how to deal with any issues that come up.

Read the Sport Club Handbook

3. Meet with the Recreation Supervisor

Email Marty Nedjelski, Recreation Supervisor, to set-up a meeting. In this meeting we will discuss forms and club constitution.

Acceptance of the Sport Club registration package does not constitute recognition of an individual club.

4. Complete Documentation Online

Complete the following required forms after your initial meeting with the Recreation Supervisor:

  • Club Application

  • Sport Club Budget Template

  • Risk Management Plan Template

  • Club Constitution Template

5. Go Through Approval Process

Sport Club staff will notify club leadership of decision regarding recognition as a member of the Sport Club program.

The Sport Club staff will consider the information submitted in the registration package and will make a decision based on the following factors:

  1. Satisfactory completion of the registration package;

  2. Availability of facilities, equipment and university finances;

  3. Financial Feasibility – the club’s ability to financially support their proposed activities;

  4. The degree of student interest in the proposed club;

  5. Safety and Risk Assessment;

  6. Bench marking current standards of club recognition with peer institutions;

  7. The availability of adequate competition within reasonable travel distance from MacEwan University (competitive and semi-competitive clubs only);

  8. Other factors as decided by Sport Club staff in their discretion.


Contact Information

For more information on Sport Clubs please contact the Recreation Supervisor.


8-121, Christenson Family Centre for Sport and Wellness
10800 – 105 Avenue
Edmonton, AB

Marty Nedjelski, Recreation Supervisor
780-497-5370 •

Sandra Womack, Recreation Consultant, Leagues
780-497-5694 •

Jessica Walker, Recreation Consultant, Special Events
780-497-4022 •