IT Security at MacEwan

Think about how much information you have stored on your computer or device. Or how much of your work and professional life you access through them. Work-related documents and communications, passwords and links to your financial information, personal information, photos . . . the list goes on.

Now think about the consequences of someone getting access to all of that information. It could be potentially devastating for you personally — and for the university.

While no one is completely immune from attacks on their computer and data, there are some things that you can do to make yourself, and the university, less vulnerable.

This site provides information on some of the common risks, ways to protect yourself from them and advice on what to do if you do get caught.

IT Security Don't Take the Bait Campaign Graphic

Don't take the bait

Not all websites are what they seem — learn how to spot a fishy website.

Is your life an open book?

Strong passwords can help you lock it down.

IT Security How Safe Are Your Passwords Campaign Graphic

IT Security Watch Your Back Campaign Graphic with a hedgehog and an armadillo

Watch your back

Is your information safe?