MacEwanSecure wireless network service is available to students and employees of MacEwan University. Full access to University network resources is available.

Fully-encrypted Service: MacEwanSecure (SSID)

MacEwanSecure is a fully encrypted end-to-end wireless solution and should be your first choice when possible.

Before you can access the internal wireless network, identified by the "MacEwanSecure" SSID, you will need to configure your laptop or device. Check the wireless setup guide for your device -- instructions are available for Windows, Macintosh, and Mobile and Tablets.


Novell login

When you turn on your laptop and you see the Novell login screen, follow these steps to connect via MacEwanSecure wireless and reach your desktop:

  1. Place a check in the ‘Workstation only’ box
  2. Enter your MacEwan Network ID and password
  3. Click the ‘OK’ button:


You will be taken to your desktop.

Please contact Tech Support at 780-497-4357 if you have any difficulties accessing your laptop.