Car Share / Car Pool

Pogo Car Share

Transportation Services has partnered with Pogo Car Share to offer 24/7 access to vehicles on campus. Available to all MacEwan students, staff, and faculty, Pogo will provide the following: 

  • Members will have 24/7 access to a pool of vehicles to commute, run errands, or head out for a night with friends!
  • You only pay for the exact amount of time you use the vehicle.
  • Gas, insurance, and parking are all included. 
  • Car sharing has been gaining popularity all over the world as people choose to forego the hassle and expense of traditional car ownership.
  • It also opens up opportunity for access to a vehicle that some people may not currently have.

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Wheeli Car Pool  

Transportation Services has partnered with Wheeli to offer students, staff, and faculty a new alternative for sustainable transportation. Benefits of Wheeli include:

  • Wheeli helps you find people to carpool with to and from the university.
  • You can split the cost of driving with other passengers.
  • Carpooling gives you the chance to get to know other students, staff and faculty at MacEwan.
  • Carpooling helps take single-occupant vehicles off the road.

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For more information on these services, please contact Transportation Services.