Approach the world with imagination

Sun, Mar 1 2015


Artist. Explorer. Paints a mean duck.

Growing up in Peterborough, Ontario, Michelle Lavoie was surrounded by nature and art. The picturesque community inspires countless landscape paintings, and the shy, studious Michelle cut her teeth on wildlife painting, honing her artistic skills and attention to detail. “I can paint a mean duck,” she says.

Becoming an artist wasn’t something she thought about; making art was just an activity she enjoyed. “Like most other children, I wanted to be an archeologist, an astronomer and a marine biologist,” she recalls.

When her mother bought her a paint-by-numbers set, Michelle tried it, and quickly stopped. She just couldn’t force herself to paint within the lines or stick to the colour code. So she flipped the page over to start her own painting. Soon after that, her parents invested in oil paints.

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