Sometimes the prize is in the process

Thu, Jan 1 2015


Entrepreneur. Workaholic. Wicked sense of adventure.

Neall Alden makes his living by marketing some of the best skiing and snowboarding on the planet. Building a tour business may seem like a boarder’s dream come true (you can find him on just about every kind of board out there—snow, surf, long and wake), but today Neall is standing on a precipice.

“If you’d asked me five or six years ago, I would have said that I loved my business because it was connected to skiing and snowboarding,” says the managing partner of Backside Tours. “I’m still an avid boarder—being on top of a mountain and experiencing the flow of water and snow, the soft spaces, and the wind in the trees— that’s heaven.”

But after 13 years growing his business, Neall says that now he realizes that his real passion is actually business itself—not necessarily its connection to snowboarding.

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