When we really listen, we discover new ideas—new ways of doing things

Thu, Jan 1 2015


Social worker. Outdoorsman. Big-picture thinker.

The sun breaks on the horizon as Peter Vogels paddles across the glassy surface of a high mountain lake. For Peter, being connected to nature is more than a vacation—it’s part of solving the social and ecological issues we all face.

He has made a life and a career out of sharing his passion for the natural world—as a wilderness program director for at-risk youth, as a university professor teaching the next generation of social workers, as a researcher looking at how newcomers to Canada are connected to parks, and as a father.

“I remember skiing with my then 16-year-old son in the mountains when he stopped for a moment and said in a not-so-16-year-old-young-man fashion ‘it’s so beautiful.’ I thought to myself ‘He’s there—he’s captured that love of nature!’ That’s what I like sharing with people.”

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