We must add value however we can

Wed, Jan 3 2018


Accountant. Educator. Man of purpose.

The career Sherif Elbarrad embarked upon as a young man was not of his choosing—it was shaped, instead, by strong family values and an innate sense of responsibility. Ironically, it would be those very same values and sense of responsibility that would guide him as he built that early career into one he is passionate about today. Now, for Sherif, purpose and his passion are inseparable.

Growing up in Egypt within a very close-knit family, Sherif was well aware of the importance of playing a contributing role in society. His father was the general manager of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce and an advisor for the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry which he had helped establish. His mother was a pioneer in defending women’s rights as well as one of the first female journalists in Egypt. Their values of contributing to society became personal for Sherif with his mother’s death when he was just 13 years old.

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