Fine Art students light up the night at Flying Canoe

Tue, Feb 10 2015

Last weekend, MacEwan University Fine Art students set up installations that lit up the night at the Flying Canoe Festival in Mill Creek Ravine.

“It’s really quite a magical setting,” says Leslie Sharpe, program chair, who has students in her intermedia class work on their contributions to the festival in groups. “Taking part in this high-profile festival is a great opportunity for students to learn about the growing trend of temporary installations, working together in teams and collaborating with outside communities and agencies.”

For the second year in a row, students spent a chilly Thursday evening setting up their installations, returning the next day to tweak things before the public arrived to stroll down the pathway at Mill Creek Ravine on Friday and Saturday evenings. By Sunday, it was time to tear down their work, but we captured some images of what they created here. 

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Flying_canoe__15_img_1 Flying_canoe__15_img_2
Flying_canoe__15_img_8 Flying_canoe__15_img_7
Flying_canoe__15_img_6 Flying_canoe__15_img_5
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