University Pillars

The MacEwan University Pillars are eight big ideas that define our core commitments as a university. Dedication to these ideals is part of what makes us a great institution. It is these commitments that lay the foundation for who we are, providing direction and context for strategic planning and guiding the decisions we make as a university. The Pillars are based upon consultation with more than 700 people including faculty, students, staff, administrators and community representatives.

Positioning Statement

The MacEwan University Positioning Statement, which is derived from the University Pillars, is a summary of the core commitments found in the Pillars. This statement defines our unique approach to university education and, more specifically, the extraordinary learning environment our students enjoy which is so crucial to their success. It reads as follows:

MacEwan University inspires its students with a powerful combination of academic excellence and personal learning experiences. We provide a transformative education in a creative, collaborative and supportive learning environment.

We are an engaged university at the heart of the city where creativity and innovation thrive, and a unique student experience opens up diverse pathways for achievement and growth.




MacEwan University Pillars

Each of these statements represent both a commitment that all of us at MacEwan University can support and take pride in, and a guide for making critical decisions as we move forward.

Students First

Focused on learner-centred teaching, student growth, opportunity and achievement.

FOCUS: Demonstrate our institutional commitment to teaching and learning.

Personal Learning Experiences

We are a welcoming, intimate and inspiring learning environment where the individual student - the whole person - thrives.

FOCUS: Support the unique kind of experience a student will have here. Learning AND growing.

Quality Education

Excellence is achieved here by combining a first-class education with an extraordinary student experience.

FOCUS: Support a distinctive “MacEwan” formula for educational excellence that we can be proud of.

An Engaged University

A ‘connected’ culture where students, faculty, staff and the community are linked — and collectively, collaboratively engaged in realizing their full potential.

FOCUS: Nurture our unique and valuable connections and relationships.

At The Heart of the City

A vibrant and vital urban experience. We are a hub of creative, scholarly and cultural activity in the core of the city — building, sharing in, and contributing to its growth and prosperity.

FOCUS: Continue to add to the energy and excitement of our university’s urban experience.


We are committed to creative approaches to sustainability in education and campus operations – activating solutions for positive environmental, social and economic impact.

FOCUS: Demonstrate our commitment to sustainability in education and campus operations.

Student-Engaged Research

We support and foster research and innovation that engages students, faculty and the community across all our programs.

FOCUS: Support research that is open, accessible and connected to students, faculty and the community.

The MacEwan University Spirit

Our youthful energy comes from a pervasive excitement about the future — about how all of us can contribute to helping the university grow and succeed.

FOCUS: Engage our people in forging a new heritage and tradition for MacEwan University.