The mace was originally a weapon carried in battle by medieval knights and others. Later it was carried as protection for royalty. Post-secondary institutions have adopted the mace as a symbol of the dignity and authority of a post-secondary institution, signifying the importance of the university’s most central ceremony – convocation. The mace is carried before the procession at convocation and rests on its stand for the full duration of the ceremony.

MacEwan University’s mace is especially meaningful to our institution as was hand-carved by our namesake, Dr. J.W. Grant MacEwan, who presented it to Dr. Paul Byrne upon his installation as university president in 1997. It was chosen as the institution’s official mace in 2008.

Rogelio Eduardo Menz, an Edmonton artist originally from Chile, created MacEwan University’s mace stand, which was officially unveiled for the first time at the Spring 2009 convocation. Menz wanted to create a permanent stand for the mace that would enhance its natural beauty, not detract from it. He chose stainless steel and brass as the primary materials for this striking piece of functional art.

Menz's concept for the stand was drawn from the simplicity of the Alberta landscape and incorporates inspiration drawn from the university’s coat of arms.

You can see the mace in its permanent home in front of the Office of the University Registrar.