A Sustainable Legacy

Along with his many accomplishments as a professor, historian, the author of close to 50 books, lecturer, mayor of Calgary, and lieutenant governor of Alberta, Dr. J.W. Grant MacEwan believed that we are all responsible for establishing a helpful, caring, sustainable relationship with nature, a belief that is a large part of his legacy.

Before such words as “sustainability” and “being green” became household words, Dr. MacEwan was using his knowledge and passion for the environment to educate Canadians about issues affecting the world around us. For example, during the drought of the 1930s, Grant MacEwan discovered and then revealed to the media that Russian thistle weed could be fed to cattle as a survival strategy.

As an environmental advocate, Dr. MacEwan shared his values through various publications including his 1966 book, Entrusted to My Care. Through his words, Dr. MacEwan expressed his concerns for various environmental issues including air pollution, forest protection, and petroleum and mineral extraction. This book was the culmination of decades of experience and his advocacy for the environment. The use of natural solutions to environmental problems was demonstrated throughout his life.

In 1985, Dr. MacEwan received the Governor General’s Conservation Award.

As the only Alberta university named in honour of a real person, we are proud to carry the MacEwan name.

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