Teaching, learning and research activities undertaken at MacEwan University may require the use of biohazardous materials. Responsible use of biohazardous materials in teaching, learning and research is required to ensure the health and safety of faculty, staff, students, the community, and the environment. Members of the MacEwan University community, whether through employment or enrolment, who work with biohazardous materials are required to comply with all current and applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws, as well as relevant university guidelines and standards. The university authorizes use of agents requiring Biosafety Containment up to and including Risk Group 2, as defined by the Public Health Agency of Canada. The use of Risk Group 3 or higher agents is not authorized.

Contact Information

If you need more information about Biosafety at MacEwan, please contact:

Ashley Hughes, M.Sc.

HSE Advisor & Biosafety Officer
phone: 780-633-3045 or 780-668-9805