Policies and Procedures

Research Policies and Procedures

Refer to MacEwan's Policies web segment to find all institutional policies. The below are supporting procedures applicable to research, scholarly and creative activity.

Award Management

Refer to these guidelines and procedures for managing your research award, including reporting, Post-Award Management

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Individual engaging in research, scholarship or creative activities where there is a real, perceived or potential conflict of interest must disclose these to the University and the Research Officer per university policies D1205 and C5051. Visit the Code of Conduct page for more information on the code. An information sheet has been created to assist you in determining potential conflicts research and scholarly activity.

External Research Agreements and Funding Applications

All external grant applications must adhere to internal deadlines for institutional review and approval. Submit an External Research Notice of Intent Form minimally 8 weeks in advance, and complete final grant application packages to the Office of Research Services minimally 2 weeks prior to the external deadline. Complete and attach an External Funding Application Signature Form to all submissions.

Financial Procedures for Recipients of Research Awards

Recipients of internal or external funding for research must attend a finance workshop or consultation with Research Services. Refer to post-award management for guidelines and procedures.  

Invention Disclosure

An invention is considered any new and useful composition of matter, device, novel process or product. A confidential Invention Disclosure Form must be completed by all contributors for any inventions created using University resources or under the auspices of MacEwan University.

Research Ethics

Ethics approval is required for all projects involving human or animal participants. Visit the Research Ethics Board (REB) and Animal Research Ethics Board (AREB) webpages for details. Consult policies C5051, C5052, C5053, D7500.

Scientific or Pedagogical Merit Review

All projects involving animal participants must first be peer reviewed for scientific or pedagogical merit prior to submitting an AREB ethics application. Refer to AREB Information for Peer Reviewers and the Merit Review Form for details.