Monthly Giving

By joining our community of monthly donors, you become a very important partner in our plans for sustainability. Your monthly donations provide a stable source of income that allows us to plan ahead and prepare for the future.


Your contribution adds up

Monthly Contribution Total: Year One Total: Year Two Total: Year Three Total: Year Four
$20 $240 $480 $720 $960
$35 $420 $840 $1,260 $1,680
$50 $600 $1,200 $1,800 $2,400
$100 $1,200 $2,400 $3,600 $4,800


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Questions? Contact Us

For assistance in setting up your monthly donation or to change any of the details of your existing monthly gift, please contact Brianne Thomas, Senior Development Officer, Annual Giving, at 780-633-3907.