Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science

Dr. Melike Schalomon

Interim Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science
Associate Professor, Psychology

Room 7-310S, City Centre Campus
780-497-5302 •


  • PhD, Neuroscience (Alberta)

  • M.Sc., Psychology (Alberta)

  • B.Sc., Behavioural Neuroscience (Laurentian)

Previous Appointments

  • Chair, Department of Psychology (MacEwan University)

  • Chair, Animal Research Ethics Board (MacEwan University)

  • Faculty appointments at the University of Alberta and Athabasca University

Areas of Specialization and Scholarly Activity

  • Behavioural neuroscience with an emphasis on neuroanatomy, neurogenetics, and neurosurgery

  • Currently working on research into the neuroanatomical and neurochemical bases of learning and memory in zebrafish (Danio rerio), using associative learning paradigms and motion tracking of fish behavior

  • Previously published research using three additional species: Mice (experimental neurogenetics and neurosurgery, cerebral lateralization); Rats (experimental neurosurgery, prefrontal cortex); Humans (sexuality in adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder)

Associate Decanal Responsibilities

  • Addressing issues relevant to faculty members (e.g. workload, performance, professional development)

  • Program and curriculum planning and review

  • Promotion and support of faculty research

  • Addressing space, infrastructure, technological, and budgetary issues

  • Addressing issues relevant to non-academic staff

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