Executive Director, Office of Teaching and Learning Services

Lynne Honey

Dr. Honey studied animal behaviour, social learning and evolutionary approaches to behaviour at McMaster University before coming to MacEwan University in 2003. At McMaster, she focused mainly on animal models of social learning but developed an interest in applying sociobiological approaches to human behaviour. Her current research focus is on social behaviour, and in particular on social dominance. Her students have been working on projects that test hypotheses about correlates of dominant behaviour and personality. She is also interested in how men and women attain social dominance differently, and how members of each sex are perceived when exhibiting dominant traits or behaviours. Research from her lab has been presented at international conferences, and published in peer-reviewed journals.

In addition to this research area, Dr. Honey is also committed to improving materials used for teaching. She views teaching as an enterprise that involves carefully presenting information and training students to be critical thinkers, and also involves carefully evaluating whether students have learned the material and mastered the necessary skills for each course. She is the co-author of Introduction to Learning and Behavior (4th Edition) and has also written study guides and multiple choice test banks to accompany psychology textbooks.


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