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Spring 2018 AGC Election Results

The Academic Governance Council Secretariat is pleased to announce the results of the elections for academic staff positions on Academic Governance Council.

Faculty of Arts and Science

  • Sarah Copland, English
  • Pamela Farvolden, English
  • Lucio Gelmini, Physical Sciences
  • Kimberley Harcombe, Biological Sciences
  • Josh Toth, English
  • Andrea Wagner, Anthropology, Economics and Political Science

Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications

  • Annetta Latham, Arts and Cultural Management
  • vacant

Faculty of Health and Community Studies

  • Kevin Hood, Public Safety and Justice Studies

Faculty of Nursing

  • Kari Krell, Centre for Professional Nursing Education
  • Kathleen Miller, Nursing Science
  • Randi Ziorio Dunlop, Psychiatric Nursing (1-year term)

Professional Resource Faculty

  • Tamara Lane, Wellness and Psychological Services

School of Business

  • Bob Graves, International Business, Marketing, Strategy and Law
  • Albena Pergelova, International Business, Marketing, Strategy and Law

School of Continuing Education

  • Peter Myhre, English as an Additional Language

Support/Supervisory Staff position

  • Krista Hanscomb, kihêw waciston

The AGC Secretariat wishes to thank all the candidates who participated in this year’s elections.