Adhoc Committees

Academic Policy Process Review (APPR)

The Ad Hoc Committee on Academic Policy Process Review will:

  • review the academic policy process and make recommendations, including whether or not to propose the creation of an Academic Governance Council (AGC) academic policy committee.
  • review the current coordination of academic policy review and make recommendations if any changes are required.
  • consult with the University community regarding the current academic policy process. The consultation list must include Policy Advisory Group.
  • if no academic policy committee is needed, make recommendations regarding any adjustments, if any, that need to be made to academic policy processes at the University.
  • if an academic policy committee is agreed upon, create draft Terms of Reference for the new committee.
  • This would include a clause regarding how the committee would interact with non-academic policies.
  • submit a final draft of the report and recommendations to AGC Executive Committee for final review and recommendation.
  • submit a final draft of the revised report and recommendations to AGC not later than Spring 2018.

APPR membership