Academic Policy Committee


AGC approved the new Academic Policy Committee (APC) on June 8, 2018, which will allow better coordination of policy development and provide a forum for discussion of academic policy matters. This should produce a more transparent and robust process for academic policy review and development.

Terms of Reference

Download the Academic Policy Committee Terms of Reference here.

1.0    Mandate

1.1    Academic Policy Committee (APC) will act as the policy arm of Academic Governance Council (AGC). APC will:

1.1.1    Coordinate the development and review of all academic policies.
1.1.2    Provide a forum for discussion and debate on academic policy issues.
1.1.3    Identify policy writers and responsible offices for academic policy development.
1.1.4    In collaboration with the Policy Advisory Group, ensure that appropriate consultation on academic policy matters with the university community occurs.

1.2    APC will recommend to AGC all new policies, policy rescissions, and changes to policy requiring the review or approval of AGC.
1.3    APC will normally act on behalf of the Provost and Vice President Academic as the academic policy sponsor.
1.4    APC will act on behalf of the Provost and Vice President Academic to ensure that timely review and development of academic policy is undertaken by appropriate bodies at the University. These bodies will include standing committees of AGC and departments reporting to the Provost.

2.0    Accountability
2.1    APC is a standing committee of AGC, and as such, is accountable to AGC.
2.2    The Committee will submit an Annual Report to AGC for information and submit recommendations to AGC as required.

3.0    Composition
3.1    The Committee shall consist of:

3.1.1    A minimum of eight (8) voting faculty, including at least one instructional faculty member from each Faculty/School, elected by Academic Governance Council.    In the event a faculty member cannot be secured from one or more of the Faculties/Schools, the position or positions may be filled by any faculty member.

3.1.2    One (1) voting Dean, approved by Academic Governance Council

3.1.3    One (1) voting member (internal) from Indigenous Advisory Council
3.1.4    One (1) voting student, appointed by the Students' Association of MacEwan University
3.1.5    The following Ex-officio members: President    Provost and Vice President Academic, or designate

3.2    The Committee will also have the following non-voting members:

3.2.1    One (1) member from the Office of the University Registrar
3.2.2    One (1) member from Student Affairs
3.2.3    Chair of the Policy Advisory Group, as required

3.3    One of the members listed in either 3.1.1 or 3.1.2 must be a voting or resource member of the Policy Advisory Group.

3.4    One member from 3.1.1 will be elected by the Committee annually as Chair and one member from 3.1.1 will be elected annually by the Committee as Vice-Chair. Both members must hold full-time positions with the University.

4.0    Terms of Office
4.1    Members shall serve three-year terms, except for student members, who shall serve one-year terms, and those serving by virtue of their positions. Terms may be renewed once. Terms will be staggered to ensure continuity on the committee.

5.0    Operations of Committee
5.1    The duties of the Chair will include:

5.1.1    approval of agendas prior to distribution
5.1.2    chairing APC meetings and coordinating feedback and review processes
5.1.3    presenting recommendations at AGC meetings

5.2    Quorum is set at a simple majority of voting members. Ex-officio and School of Continuing Education faculty members do not count toward or against quorum.

5.3    The Provost and Vice President Academic is the ex-officio senior administrator who provides executive advice and support as needed.
5.4    The Vice-Chair will act for the Chair in his/ her absence and to preclude a conflict of interest as may arise.
5.5    Faculty members from each Faculty/School will work as a liaison with the Faculty/School Councils. Members who are not in attendance for more than two meetings without an excused absence will be retired from the Committee.
5.6    APC will consult with other areas of the University as appropriate. The Committee has the discretion to invite resource persons to the Committee as non-voting members.
5.7    APC may establish subcommittees and ad hoc committees as required to do its business.
5.8    APC shall operate in a manner consistent with both the Academic Governance Councilís Bylaws and with MacEwan Universityís Policy Framework.
5.9    APC shall ensure a record of all decisions and discussions of APC is maintained in good order.
5.10    The Academic Governance Council Secretariat shall provide administrative and resource support to APC.
5.11    Meeting notes shall be filed with the Academic Governance Council Secretariat.

Approved by Academic Governance Council
June 8, 2018 (motion AGC-02-06-08-2018)


2018-2019 Meeting Schedule

Download the APC schedule here.
All meetings are held from 2:00-3:30 p.m. in room 7-218, unless otherwise noted.
Agenda item materials are due two weeks prior to the meeting.

Mon, December 17, 2018, 10:00-11:30 a.m. Room 7-221
Thu, February 7, 2019
Thu, March 7, 2019
Thu, March 28, 2019
Thu, May 2, 2019


The Academic Policy Committee membership can be downloaded here.


Administrative support is provided by the AGC Secretariat.