Board and Committee Structure

The Board of Governors generally meets every second month on the fourth Thursday of the month – this may involve open and closed sessions.

There are six standing committees of the Board (Click on the link for current Terms of Reference):

  1. Audit,
  2. Finance,
  3. Investment,
  4. Governance and Human Resources,
  5. External Relations and
  6. Campus Planning.

The Board of Governors may from time to time establish ad hoc task teams with specific roles and responsibilities (e.g., Student Residence Task Group, Robbins Health Learning Centre Oversight Team). Standing committees meet as required, on an average of once every two months between regularly scheduled Board meetings. In addition to this, there are several other meetings and special events to attend throughout the year.

Other University committees, which require Board member representation, include:

  • Distinguished Alumni Award Committee 
  • MacEwan Medallion Committee 
  • MacEwan Medal of Excellence Selection Committee.