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Internal Audit Services

Internal Audit Services is an independent objective assurance and consulting activity designed to evaluate and improve the organization's operations as a service to the Board of Governors and management.

Our mission is to assist the Board of Governors and management in achieving their goals and objectives by:

  • Performing independent and objective assessments of MacEwan University’s processes and controls
  • Providing assistance and guidance in the management of risks and opportunities
  • Recommending and promoting improvements to processes and the control environment


The Internal Audit Services Charter defines the vision, mission, responsibility, and authority of Internal Audit Services at MacEwan University. The full charter outlines the responsibility and authority of IAS.

Read the complete IAS charter

Reporting Relationship

In relation to Internal Audit matters the Associate Vice-President, Internal Audit and Risk Management, reports functionally to the Audit and Risk Committee of the Board of Governors and administratively to the Vice-President and General Counsel.


IAS Reporting Relationship

Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee is a standing committee of the Board of Governors.

The Audit and Risk Committee Terms of Reference are accessible on the Board and Committee Structure webpage.

The Difference Between Internal Audit and the Auditor General of Alberta (OAG)

As internal auditors we are focused on the identification, assessment, and management of risks and opportunities. We are employees of the university and our audits are generally prioritized to concentrate on areas where the university has the greatest perceived risk of not achieving objectives, or the greatest opportunities for savings or improved performance.

The Auditor General of Alberta is the external auditor for MacEwan University. They are the independent auditor of every Government of Alberta ministry, department, regulated fund and agency. They audit the university’s financial statements.

Fraud Prevention Resources

Toolkit for Fraud Prevention and Detection

Introduction: The University is committed to sustaining an environment free of fraudulent or irregular activity and has a responsibility to provide fraud awareness and prevention training. The University holds all Members of the MacEwan Community to a high ethical standard and all members have a responsibility to report suspected fraudulent or irregular activity.

Management, as defined in the Fraud and Irregularities policy, has a duty to familiarize themselves with the types of fraudulent or irregular activity that could occur within their areas of responsibility and to be alert for any indications of fraudulent or irregular activity. This includes identifying the risks to which systems and procedures are exposed, developing and maintaining effective controls to prevent and detect fraud, and setting the appropriate tone of intolerance of fraudulent or irregular activity.

This toolkit has been designed for Management to use to help fulfill that requirement. Contact IAS to get a copy of the full toolkit until further notice.

Fraud Presentation

This presentation is intended to provide an overview of fraud prevention and education to all employees at the University.

Download the presentation (.pdf)

Fraud Bulletin Series

Fraud Bulletin 1

Fraud Bulletin 2

Fraud Bulletin 3

Fraud Bulletin 4

What to do if you suspect a fraud

You can report a suspected fraud to:

  • Your Supervisor, Director, Chair or Dean

  • Any member of senior administration

  • Internal Audit Services

Or you can use the University’s Whistleblower Hotline ConfidenceLine

Toll-free at 1-800-661-9675 or contact online at www.MacEwan.ConfidenceLine.net

Contact Information

If you need more information or have questions about Internal Audit Services, please contact:


Barry Horan, Associate Vice President, Internal Audit and Risk Management


Lisa M. Vallee, Internal Auditor