Organizational Overview

Risk and Assurance Services

Good risk management is good business. MacEwan recognizes the importance of having an effective risk management and assurance program to keep staff and students safe while protecting the university. The Risk and Assurance Services (RAS) department is responsible for the:

  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program;
  • Emergency Planning and Response (EPR) program which assists management to identify physical risks; and
  • Insurance

Internal Audit Services

The objectives of the Internal Audit program are to provide independent and objective assurance to the University’s Board of Governors and management that:

  • risks are appropriately identified and managed through efficient, effective and economical controls;
  • financial, managerial and operational information is accurate, reliable and timely;
  • activities are in compliance with policies, procedures, standards, and applicable laws and regulations;
  • resources and assets are acquired economically, used efficiently and adequately protected; and
  • management strategies to prevent and detect fraud and misconduct are in place and working as intended

Information Management and Privacy

More information is found on the Information Management and Privacy web segment.

Office of Emergency Management