Jordyn Buchinski Portrait

Bursary bounty

Jordyn Buchinski, a first-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing student, is like many MacEwan students. She had done her research before moving from Cold Lake to Edmonton in July of 2017. She knew the move was a big step, but she wanted the hands-on learning, small class sizes and clinical practice that MacEwan offered.

Jordyn arrived with money she had saved through summer jobs, a student loan, and a bit of financial support from her family. She worked hard to juggle her classes, homework, and the part-time job she had to make sure there was enough money for groceries. But it wasn’t enough. So, she applied for a bursary.

For Jordyn, that $2,500 bursary made all the difference. When she received the news, she says she screamed with excitement and then called her mom.

“It was a huge relief for me,” she said. “Getting that bursary helped me pay my tuition. It also allowed me to participate in clubs related to my degree, which has been key to my success at MacEwan.”

Attending university is a huge financial commitment for most students. That’s why the MacEwan bursary program offers two kinds of funding – entrance scholarships to reward students who have worked hard to get here and retention bursaries to help make sure students in financial need are supported in continuing their education.

Financial aid is the boost so many students need as they work towards a certificate, diploma, or a degree. On behalf of Jordyn and students like her, thank you for your generosity.

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