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Generosity yields success

Campus Life
MacEwan University President, Deb Saucier, thanks donors from all walks of life.

Education is transformational. I truly believe that. But for students to experience learning opportunities that allow them to thrive, develop their careers and contribute to their communities, they need to be here. They need to be able to access this institution.

That’s why it’s so important to me to express the university community’s sincere thanks to you, our donors, who make scholarships, grants and bursaries available to our students. The awards you create touch our students’ lives—they reward unique strengths and accomplishments and inspire students to persevere through the inevitable challenges they face both inside and outside the university’s walls.

Your generosity allows students to worry less about squeezing in enough work hours to cover their next tuition payment or the following month’s rent, and focus more on learning, thinking creatively, collaborating with their professors to produce quality research and ultimately becoming citizen leaders who can further contribute to the community.

Access—from many different perspectives and on both small and large scales—is an important part of a larger discussion we’re having about what it means to be Edmonton’s downtown university.

How do we—as an institution, as faculty, as staff, as students—fit within the communities that we are part of and that we serve? How do we make sure MacEwan is a safe and accessible place for people?

These questions are part of a larger conversation that is just beginning. One that I’m passionate about. And one I hope you feel welcome to join.


Deborah Saucier

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