Scholarship allows accounting student to give back

November 27, 2018 | Society
As a teenager, life was really difficult. I left home when I was 18, without any means to support myself. 

I didn’t have a place to call home for two years. That was tough. I eventually found work through a temp agency, where I was assigned to file paperwork for accounting departments. The accountants I worked with quickly became my role models. They were ethical, reliable and knowledgeable – the type of person I aspired to be.

When I was 24 and went back to school part-time, I knew I wanted to study accounting. Now I'm in my final year of my Bachelor of Commerce. Receiving the BMO Financial Group Bachelor of Commerce Degree Leadership Award last year alleviated a huge financial burden for my family – I’m married now and have two children. It also allowed me to focus on making the most of my university experience. I was able to help organize and participate in a two-week tax clinic at MacEwan last year, offering free tax services to people with low incomes. I’d never been so busy in my life – and I loved it. I was helping people, and I could see the difference I was making.

– Maria, 4th year, Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting


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