First recipient of LGBTQ2S+ student award

March 11, 2019 | Campus Life
Krystal Monahan, the first recipient of the new Hayley Jayne Richman Memorial Award, originally planned to use the $1,000 award to pay her Winter term fees, but when one of the young hockey players she volunteers to coach accidentally hit her in the face with a stick, she used it to replace her broken glasses instead.

“I think every student goes through a point in time where they start to struggle financially,” says the second-year Social Work diploma student who is also the founder and president of the Social Work Circle Club and a volunteer with organizations including Free Hockey and Big Brothers and Big Sisters. “I am so grateful for the award that Hayley's family set up. It literally helped me see the world better.”

For Krystal, the award was about far more than finances.

“People put their time and energy into creating scholarships, awards and bursaries for a reason, so it was really important for me to figure out who Hayley was,” she says. “The people in Hayley’s life created this legacy award because she did so much good for other people. I felt really connected to her and to what the award stands for. Whenever I am supporting an LGBTQ organization, I will always think of Hayley and how her spirit was the reason I was able to actually see and finish my Fall term at MacEwan.”

The first award of its kind, the Hayley Jayne Richman Memorial Award supports students who identify as members of the LGBTQ2S+ community, allies of the community or those who have LGBTQ2S+ parents. 



Applying for student awards

“I think students don't think they'll qualify, but there are awards for academics, financial need, leadership, community and more,” says Krystal. “Lots of times bursaries and scholarships aren’t given out because people don't apply. So apply!”

Intersections of pride

As the MacEwan University community gets ready to celebrate Pride Week, we’re taking a look at the many ways pride intersects and connects with everyday efforts to make our campus a more inclusive space.


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