Tuition, Fees & Costs

Going to university can be financially demanding: tuition fees, services fees, books and supplies. It all adds up. But with a bit of planning, you can enjoy all that student life has to offer.

Use the tuition estimator to calculate the fees you can expect in a single, four-month term.

Tuition estimator


Select the program you are interested in:


Select the number of credits you will take in a term:

*Tuition and fees for international students in fall or winter terms are calculated on a minimum of nine credits. Even if you take fewer than nine credits, you will be charged the international student tuition for nine credits ($5742).


Select your student status:

Information on Canadian and International student status is found on our Tuition and Term Fees page


Credits and course load

You must take a minimum of nine credits to be considered a full-time student. Most courses are worth three credits and most programs consider 15 credits (five courses) a maximum full-time course load for one term.

Reporting tuition on your student permit extension 

When you apply for a student permit extension, you may need to include evidence of your upcoming tuition costs. Calculate your tuition estimate for one term with 15 credits, print the page and include it with your permit extension application.

When you indicate the tuition amount on your permit extension application, multiply the estimate by two so that it covers both fall and winter terms.

Cost of living

As well as tuition and fees, you need to plan for the day-to-day costs of a student living away from home, such as food, accommodation and socializing. Print the cost-of-living table and include it with your study permit application.

Cost of living estimate (PDF)